South Africa now opens for online panel research


The future of marketing research belongs to the Internet. Springvale Online, an innovator in marketing research is charting the pathway for online marketing in South Africa using advanced technology and online consumer panels.

Springvale Online is a premier Internet survey solution provider since 2005 for research and consulting companies in South Africa. We help researchers and marketers by providing online survey respondents through the use of our pre -recruited online consumer panels.


Our clients discover insight into the South African consumer’s knowledge, beliefs, preference, satisfaction and buying behaviour, which leads to a successful product launch, or increase in sales of a brand.

The key to getting high quality research data is to work with a high quality panel.
We boast the largest South African online consumer panel, a pre-recruited pool of members that are willing, dedicated and motivated respondents. Panel members have agreed to complete surveys and are paid to complete each survey.

Thank you for your interest in our company.



We are willing to pay you CASH or AIRTIME for each online survey you complete. The more you do the more you GET PAID.



Online research is a hot new way for companies to gauge the impact of their products or services, and they’re constantly looking for more people to help them by providing more information. They are willing to pay you for your time. They are willing to pay you for your opinion. Making money by filling out online surveys is easy, and now you can sign up for free to receive membership into a panel that is used by international research companies who are willing to pay you for your opinion. Becoming a member will mean that you will frequently receive survey invitations and you will be compensated for each survey you fill out. You could receive as many as 10 invitations a month.


Once you have signed up we will send you email invitations to fill out surveys, you would receive up to ten invitations per month. You will be rewarded with a R10 to R30 airtime voucher for each short survey you fill out and up to R100 for longer surveys. Other payment options are available for those who don't use airtime

Please note that we are a registered marketing research company and you will be paid if you complete a survey. There are email addresses and telephone numbers on this site that you can contact if you have any problems with regards to payment.


Membership is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose.



How Online Surveys Work


Market research companies undertake surveys to figure the preferences of the consumer. Online surveys are used by companies to gather information regarding products and services offered by a particular company or to gather public opinion on a future product releases. In this case the company wants to get an idea of how the consumers will react to new product. In addition to this researchers want to determine why you choose to buy certain products over others, they also use online surveys to gauge your brand awareness and how the public sees a brand in terms of what do consumers generally associate a certain brand with.


For example you associate the Woolworths brand with quality. There is certainly tons of information researchers can get out of surveys. The important thing is that they are willing to pay for this information and rightfully so the feedback you provide when completing surveys is extremely valuable.


You can join as many survey companies as you can; you are free to sign out whenever you want. You are not bound by any strict contracts or anything of the sort. This is obviously if you join the legitimate sites.

Surveys are extremely easy to complete and you get paid for each survey you do.