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Filling out online surveys is the easiest way to make money online. You don’t need loads of free time and you don’t even need a Personal computer. If you have a mobile phone/ device that can connect to the internet you ready to go.

I suggest each one of you sign up for surveys as getting started is almost instant you will start getting opportunities within days. Read through the tips and techniques outlined in this ebook and sign up with us. If you want to start getting online opportunities I strongly recommend that you sign up with us as your first step. Start with this even before you read through the second part of the brochure.

If you want to make some extra cash; you come to the right place, it’s now up to you to work for it.


How To Start Making Money From Online Surveys

How Online Surveys Work

Market research companies undertake surveys to figure the preferences of the consumer. Online surveys are used by companies to gather information regarding products and services offered by a particular company or to gather public opinion on future product releases.


In this case the company wants to get an idea of how the consumers will react to a new product. In addition to this researchers want to determine why you choose to buy certain products over others, they also use online surveys to gauge your brand awareness and how the public sees a brand in terms of what do consumers generally associate a certain brand with. For example you associate the Woolworths brand with quality.


There is certainly tons of information researchers can get out of surveys. 


The important thing is that they are willing to pay for this information and rightfully so the feedback you provide when completing surveys is extremely valuable.

You can join as many survey companies as you want; you are free to sign out/unsubscribe whenever you want. You are not bound by any strict contracts or anything of the sort. This is obviously if you join the legitimate sites.

Surveys are extremely easy to complete and you get paid for each survey you do. You can complete surveys at any time you find convenient. Especially if you using your mobile device, you can complete surveys while at work, while you travel, at home basically anytime you have few minutes to spare.

This ebook will help you get started. Read through the guidelines below, follow the tips and techniques outlined and you should be on your way to making money from surveys.

Step By Step Guidelines

Step One:

Before registering with survey companies, please setup a dedicated email address that you will use only for surveys. Companies notify you of survey opportunities via email. This your main line of communication.

Once you sign up with a lot of survey companies you will start getting email invitations every day and it will be a great idea for you to have a separate and dedicated mailbox for your survey invitations.


This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities and also that you will be able to keep some record of the surveys you have been invited to complete. You will be getting invitations almost every day and it will be very convenient if all your survey invitations come to one mailbox.


You can use any of the free email hosts example gmail or yahoo to get a new email address that you dedicate to surveys.

Step Two: 

You need to join as many legitimate survey companies as you can. Every company does their own research; it will be very rare for two companies to have the same survey available. The more surveys you complete the more money you make. 


To ensure you get as many surveys as possible and make the maximum amount of money from surveys you need to be on as many panels as you can. I have already listed a few top panels for your convenience.  Join all the survey companies on my list. Later on I will discuss some points on joining panels that are not on my list. 

Have a small note book to keep a record of all the survey companies you joined. Also have some kind of record of your username and password for each company. After joining many companies forgetting your username and password can become an irritating problem. Make sure this is available at your finger tips.

Bookmark the websites of each survey company you joined the best way to do this is to have a separate folder with all the survey company’s bookmarks. A good tip here is to bookmark the sign up page of each survey company this will make things easier. 

After making a note of all the survey companies you joined please monitor this list to see that you receive opportunities from each company on your list. If you are not getting survey invites after a few weeks of joining there is a problem. I will discuss the steps you need to take when this happens a little later.

Step Three:

Keep a comprehensive record of the surveys you completed. For this you can use a small note book or on your PC or laptop you can have an excel sheet that you constantly update with records of surveys you completed.

Once you start completing surveys. Make the following records.

  1. Record the date the survey was completed. 

  2. Which survey company you completed the survey for?

  3. The amount promised as payment for completing the survey.  

  4. The name of the survey if this is available or just make a note of the survey topic for example if online shopping was the main theme of the survey then make a note of this for easy reference. 


Following the steps above each time you complete a survey. Record each survey you completed and the survey company that sent you the survey. In this way you will know exactly which companies owe you money for surveys. You can then mark of surveys as paid as you are paid.


This step is absolutely important if you want to make significant money from online surveys. You will be completing loads of surveys each week and without a proper record you will not know what’s happening. 


In addition to this all survey companies have an account balance check. Where you login to your account on the survey company site and you can check your balance. This together with your manual record will help you stay on track with the surveys you completed.

Step Four:

Sign up with the survey companies by completing the sign up form. You need to be absolutely careful here. Please make absolutely sure you input the correct email address. This is a very common problem where respondents make mistakes when giving their email address. This especially happens if you created a new email address for surveys. 

Please also remember that signup is a two stage process. Once you complete the sign up form you will receive a verification email with further steps that you need to take. If you do not receive this verification email your sign up was not successful. 

In addition to this you may receive a welcome survey that you must complete.

You will receive invitations to complete surveys via email and if your email address is incorrect you will not be getting any surveys. Your email address is the main line of communication with your survey company, so please check as many times as you can that you have filled in the correct email address.

Step Five:

Most companies will send you a profiling survey after signing up. Covering aspects like where you live, your age, your profession and your interests. 

When completing the profiling survey make sure you choose as many things as possible that you know about and that you are involved in. This will determine the number of survey invites you receive. The more you are involved in the more you will be invited to complete.

If you are the main decision maker in your household regarding purchases this will be a huge help, since researchers are generally interested in the consumers and in particular the individual that makes the purchase decisions in a household. Make sense?

Step Six:

Invitations or notifications of new survey opportunities will be sent to you via email. When you receive a survey invite, please read through the email carefully. Understand the survey topic the length of the survey (how long will it take you to complete the survey) and the incentive or payment offered.


You need to be very familiar with the reward programs offered by each survey company. So when you get a survey invite, if they offer you 100 points you need to know exactly how much is 100 points in real South Africa Rands. For the survey companies


I suggested that you join I have already explained the rewards programs so you can use my notes as a quick reference. 

Once you have determined the worth of the survey and the time it will take you to complete the survey you are free to decide if you would like to attempt the survey or not. 

If the survey is quite long please ensure that you have sufficient free time to complete the survey before clicking on the start survey link. 

Step Seven:

Completing the survey is easy enough; please make sure that you provide thoughtful answers. Remember this is a legitimate opportunity the researchers are paying you for your opinion. They need this information from you. 

Survey companies have online safe guards against respondents that just click through a survey to get to the end. Please take your time and complete the entire survey, the good dedicated respondents get the most surveys. If you are an active and dedicated survey taker you will certainly get more survey opportunities sent to you.

The first few questions in a survey are the most crucial as these are the screening questions that determine if you qualify for this survey. Please take special care when completing these questions. Been screened out of a survey or been stopped during a survey is discuss in length further on.

The current economic situation facing South Africa is up for debate as to good or bad or just made to look worse than it is. However the bottom line is unemployment rate is high and there are not enough opportunities in this country.


We have to look to the rest of the world for opportunities, the internet has made this possible. Completing online surveys for companies based in other countries is one such way. Most of these companies will be paying you in dollars and this is absolutely great since the dollar is currently very strong against the rand. You want to be paid in dollars. 

Please do not get intimidated about this all you need is a PayPal account easy and risk free to setup. You have to have a PayPal account if you want to make money online.

If you are offered 10 US$ to completed a survey and want to know what this equals to in rands, then simply use Google to give you the latest exchange rate. It’s as simple as that. All you search is “dollar to rand” or “pound to rand” or whatever other currency. This will give you a clear idea of how much is offered in South Africa rands.

Rookie mistakes when you start out with online Surveys. 

Stopped from a survey for not qualifying

 If you ever done any surveys before you will know what this is all about. You start a survey after a few questions you get stopped for not meeting the screening criteria or not qualifying for the survey.


Most people get very upset with this and if it happens a few times they unsubscribe from the survey lists. There is absolutely no need to get upset when this happens. 

Why do you get stopped?

OMG... I didn't qualify... I was stopped after a few questions what happened?
Ok... so, here is how it works behind the scenes.

A particular survey may have demographic quotas, or it may not. Those that don't have demographic quotas, will accept anybody (and everybody), take their responses, and thank you very much, you get your points. All done, nice and simple. Demographics include gender, age, region, social grade / income.

Those surveys that have quotas and
most surveys do have quotas. It only makes sense that researchers want a good mix of respondents for their research.

Here is where it gets a bit more complicated, because when a survey has demographic quotas and/or restrictions, it requires an exact number of responses from set demographics or past experience. Here are some examples of the type of demographics that are set by researchers.

They will say that they require:


  a) 200 males from Gauteng 

  b) 200 males from Cape town 

  c) 200 males from Durban, a good spread across the major cities 

Another example is age spreads 18 to 24 = 200 respondents then 25 to 35 = 200 respondents and so on.

So, why did I miss out, but my brother got through?

Now, as you can see, when the survey starts, everybody qualifies. As time goes on, and responses pile up, certain segments reach their maximum, and close. For most surveys the quotas close and change within hours. It is just your luck when you attempt the survey. 

So, although a survey (take example above) is open for males, it may be closed for females, because it has already reached its quota for females or males from a certain region.

However most surveys require large amounts of respondents and generally you get through. 

The other problem is when researchers are looking for very specific individuals. Someone who has bought a new car in the past 6 months or someone who has a certain medical condition or a certain mobile device. 

This is where you answer honestly and if you get stopped no worries there will be more surveys.

Fine, but why didn't you tell me from the beginning?

When we do know whether you qualify or not, we do tell you. It makes no sense for us to send you off to do a survey, knowing you don't qualify. Why would we do that? huh? Right - no reason. So we don't.

First of all, you will not get an invitation, unless you fit the general profile. Second, if it is a piece of data we already know, on arrival at the qualifying page, we will tell you immediately, sorry, this survey has now closed (for you). For example, if all 'male' spots have been filled by the time you respond, and you are a 'male', your journey ends there. 

Uh-huh, ok so far, but why do I have to answer questions before you tell me I don't qualify?

Now, some criteria, we don't know, unless we ask you a couple of questions. Take example above on medical conditions .We will not know whether you qualify, unless we ask you. So you need to complete a few screening questions before we decide if you qualify. This is just the way surveys work.

So, I could respond to 50 questions and then not qualify?

Not exactly. We're fair people. Usually the 'qualifying' questions are 3 or 4, over and done in under a minute. Ok. 

Bottom line?

Bottom line is, although you got an invitation, by the time you get to the client's survey, you may find that you can't complete the survey, because your particular segment is already done. And unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.

And remember, researchers only invite those who (to the best of our knowledge) partly qualify in the first place! You wouldn't be here otherwise. Now, to see if you fully qualify, we may have to ask something like...

"Have you bought your children The Spiderman DVD from eBay for Christmas?"...

Wouldn't you be worried if we already knew that!

So if you are stopped do not get upset and unsubscribe. You are here to complete as many surveys as you can. To do this you need to be part of as many survey companies as you can to ensure you get the maximum opportunities.

That’s all on this subject.

Understand Market Research

Now for the boring stuff, but important survey knowledge.

Another thing that you should understand when taking online surveys is the type of respondent researchers are looking for and if you understand this you will definitely not get upset when you get stopped during online surveys. This is also something to keep in mind when you are completing the all important profile survey.

There are different types of surveys, some surveys are very relaxed and wish you get the opinion of the general public. Example of this is the current political state of South Africa and your opinion on that. Everyone over 18 will qualify for this survey. 

Then you get consumer or product surveys, there are other survey types but for the point I am trying to get at we will stick to these two.

Ultimately researchers are looking to speak with the purchaser, the decision maker. This is the most important point to remember. If in your household you decide which washing powder to buy for example. You decide if you want to buy OMO or Surf, and its completely up to you. There is no point in the researchers asking the rest of your household questions regarding the factors that influence their choice of washing powder. You are the one they need to speak with. This is the absolute main criteria. You need to be the decision maker for all product surveys. You will find many surveys ask you how involved you are in the decision making process when choosing a brand or product. 

 When it comes to products that you use as a household, example the family car or household detergents, general groceries then the decision maker in your household will be the one the researcher will want to complete the survey. 

However on an individual level like for example buying a can of soda, this is now on an individual level. For this the researchers will be interested in two types of respondents. The consumers and the non rejecters. Consumers well this is basically self explanatory, do you drink soda, if yes then you are a consumer and the researchers would love to hear from you. Easy enough. However in most cases you will not get asked this question in that way. You will be asked “when was the last time you had a soda?” Was it 6months ago, last week and so on. In general the survey company will have a defining limit, example respondents that consumed a soda in the last month. If you qualify for this you can complete the survey.

Then we have the other category non rejecters. Generally this question will be asked in this way: Which of the following will you never consider drinking. If you select soda meaning you will never drink a soda this means you are out.

To summarize the researchers are looking for the consumer or their potential customers, more importantly they want to speak to the decision maker.  Keep this in mind.

Question Types

The question used by online research companies vary greatly. The type of questions are tailored to the researcher’s needs. This is highly depended on the topic been discussed and the type of information the researchers are trying to get.


Example if they are planning to change the packaging of a very popular item, they will make images to showcase the different package options while you choose which you prefer. Like this media will be used to enhance the survey experience at the same time media is used to great benefit for researchers.

However in most surveys the questions are pretty straight forward, see example below and very easy to go through.

Scale ranking questions: 

A number scale, usually ranging from one to ten, is provided. Consumers rate the statement or product. How important is customer back up service to you when purchasing a new mobile device? You can then rate this statement accordingly.

Multiple Choice questions:

 We have all seen these before and this is a very common question type in surveys.

Open ended questions: 

A question is asked and you are required to type in your response. Give a small explanation. This type of question is most intimidating to new survey takers; most newbie’s simply exit the survey at these questions. You can type in whatever you feel, even if your grammar and spelling is not up to scratch.


They want your opinion; if you want to get paid you need to complete the survey. Don’t be afraid type in what you feel.

Do Not Type in nonsense or just run your fingers across the keyboard (kjgkjgkjgud) and move on to the next question.  This type of thing will get you blacklisted form the survey company.

In conclusion, surveys are very easy and designed to be user friendly. You will certainly enjoy them.

Most of the websites including our own have lists of frequently asked questions. I suggest you read through these as they will certainly clarify most questions you may have.


We could have added many more survey companies to our list, the idea was to give you a few companies that we trust and that you can join immediately. We wanted to get you going as soon as possible. We wanted you to at least make back the money you spent on this booklet as soon as possible. Really there is no easier way to make money online. It’s not a lot of money but it’s extra income which you can take advantage of.

If you find companies paid surveys that are not on our list and would like to join them, you can email our help line to get feedback on whether these companies are legit. 


We will be happy to help you.


There are tons of online survey companies out there.