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Springvale Online a premier Internet survey solution provider since 2005. Fuelled by the largest online consumer panel in South Africa which compromises of easy and hard to reach consumers, willing dedicated and motivated to give our clients feedback. Satisfied clients in over 12 countries. We deliver sample.

 Full Service Solutions

Online Survey




When you need an audience for a market research study, we deliver. Just tell us who you’re trying to reach. We’ll provide a quote and estimated time to completion. The largest and most demographically diverse panel in South Africa. Happier, more engaged respondents.

Focus Group Participants




& Hosting



Build Your Own Online Panel



Dedicated and motivated online focus groups / online community participants. Respondents are invited of the panel to participate. Each willing respondent completes a recruitment questionnaire. You define the selection criteria and only pay for active participants.

We have extensive experience handling complex projects. Our dedicated programming and host teams provide 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring a fast and efficient turnaround. Surveys can be specifically for mobile devices.

Build your own online panel of consumers in South Africa. Our panel recruitment methods have been honed over ten years, benefit from our experience and lets us build your panel. Target specific demographics or build general consumer panels, we have a solution for you.

 Panel Demographics

We have been providing online survey respondents for South African and International market research companies for the past 13 years.


Our South African online market research panel is one of the largest, most robust and demographically diverse research panels in South Africa and it is getting better everyday, consisting of thousands of motivated and dedicated online survey respondents.  It is one of the most responsive and highest quality online market research access panels in South Africa .


Springvale Online is the real pioneer of online research in South Africa and one of the first fully functional panels of South African respondents. 


Over time we have perfected the process of online sampling. Our online research panel has grown into the most robust and demographically diverse panel of South African users that are dedicated and motivated online survey respondents.


Would you be interested in using this panel and make it available to your clients?


As an online market research solution provider we are dedicated to providing high quality panel samples and online market research services to our clients.  


Our SA panel is randomly actively recruited. New panellists are constantly added to keep the panel updated. 


Panel recruiting is an ongoing process and recruiting methods are periodically adjusted to keep the panel balanced and representative of the country’s population.


A combination of both offline and online recruitment methods is used when recruiting panellists (mail banner advertisements, media, print and advertising etc.) Recruiting methods are designed to maximise the demographic diversity of the online research panel. 


Active recruitment, a double opt-in registration process, the screening of our panel data and the periodical update of the panellists’ profiles prevents self-selection and professional respondent problems and guarantees a high response rate and quality in results.

As online market researchers we know that it takes more than just a few email-adresses and a mass-mail solution to deliver rapid and reliable results. No matter if you are hosting your online survey yourself or if we are delivering this part of the project, our processes, our quality standards and last but not least our flexibility in project management will make sure that Springvale Online will always deliver high quality samples and results.


We boast an almost 100% completion rate on all projects we commit to. Contact us for references.

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