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Market Research

Providing quality, on-demand survey respondents for market research studies

90% Client satisfaction

40,000+ Respondents

Low cost per project

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Unleash the
Power of Online Panels. The future of Marketing Research 

Springvale Online is a pioneering force in Marketing Research, leading the way for online market research in South Africa through the use of advanced technology and online consumer panels. With our cutting-edge internet-based research tools and state-of-the-art survey design software, coupled with our extensive Online Market Research Panel of thousands of double opt-in members, we have successfully facilitated researchers and marketers in gaining valuable insights into the attitudes and purchasing behaviour of South African consumers.

Our solutions

Our Solutions

We have a creative solution for you.

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Market research

Trusted, Quality, Willing Survey Respondents

Your Premier Solution for Online Survey Respondents: Catering to All Target Audiences and Recruitment Needs

  • 40,000 + Respondents country wide

  • 90 % Client satisfaction

  • Most projects completed in 5 days

  • Lowest Cost per project

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How to make money

Paid Surveys, Anytime, Anywhere Online

Unlock Lucrative Opportunities: Earn Extra Money Effortlessly and Efficiently Online without Compromising Your Time

  • Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

  • Get our handbook on how to make at least R500 / month or more online.

  • Online opportunities for everyone

Over 40,000 Respondents

Experience Unparalleled Reach: 40,000+ Strong, Our Panel Connects You with Your Target Audience


Since its humble beginnings in 2005, our panel has evolved into a thriving community of over 40,000 engaged respondents. This impressive size ensures that you can access the specific target population you require. Benefit from dedicated, highly cooperative double opt-in respondents carefully selected to match your desired sample size.


We prioritize the quality of our panel, continuously recruiting new members while purging outdated and inactive respondents. For more information, refer to our panel book. 


Discover a Comprehensive Online Survey Solution: Partner with Us to Secure Online Survey Respondents for Your Future Research Projects.

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About Us

Quality Survey Respondents from South Africa: Partner with Springvale Online for Your Market Research Study


Since 2005, Springvale Online has been a trusted provider of on-demand survey respondents for market research studies. We specialize in connecting market research firms worldwide with high-quality survey respondents based in South Africa.


In need of online survey respondents from South Africa? Look no further – Springvale Online is here to assist you. With a vast pool of thousands of dedicated and willing survey participants, we take pride in efficiently managing your data collection process and delivering top-notch survey respondents for your research study. Trust us to deliver the quality insights you seek.

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