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Springvale Online is an online research company based in South Africa. We believe that the future of marketing research belongs to the Internet. Springvale Online an innovator in Marketing Research is charting the pathway for online market research in South Africa using advance technology and online consumer panels.


Using Internet based research tools, advance survey design software and our Online Market Research Panel community of thousands of South African double opt-in members we have helped researchers and marketers gain insight into South African consumers attitude and buying behaviour. 


Our market research panel is one of the largest and most robust panel present at the moment in South Africa.  Our pre-recruited pool of members are willing, dedicated and motivated. 


Initially starting off with just 800 respondents in 2005, our panel has now reached over 40 000 respondents.  The sheer size of the panel means you can access your defined target population.  You will benefit by getting dedicated highly cooperative double opt-in respondents for a sample size of your choice.


Recruitment is an ongoing process and the panel is constantly growing, with outdated and inactive respondents been purged, please see panel book for details. Total respondents is over 40 000.

We offer a complete online survey solution. If you need online survey respondents for future research projects we can help.




About Us


Springvale Online has been providing quality, on-demand survey respondents for market research studies since 2005. We have been connecting market research firms from around the world to high quality survey respondents from South Africa.


Need Online Survey Respondents from South Africa? Springvale Online Can help you:


We have thousands of dedicated and willing survey respondents for your market research study. Let us take care of your data collection and provide you with quality survey respondents.


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