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Springvale Online has been operating since 2005 and has had over 125,000 respondents sign up with us. We are a registered market research business based in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.


Our panel consists of a diverse range of individuals, and our longevity in the industry is proof that we are not a scam. While you may come across some negative comments online, we strive to please all our panelists. It's important to note that completing the entire survey is necessary to receive payment.


Occasionally, we receive complaints about payments for projects that were not completed. In most cases, we still pay respondents, even if the dispute is in our favor, because we believe in maintaining a positive relationship with our panelists.


Consider this: out of the 125,000 sign-ups, approximately 40,000 people regularly complete surveys for us. If we were scammers, it would be impossible to sustain our business with such a large number of victims. Our panelists are the backbone of our company and the reason why companies come to us for their survey needs. Without their participation, we wouldn't exist for almost two decades.


We value our panelists, and they do get paid for completing surveys. If you have any complaints or issues, please use the contact form on our website to reach out to us. We are committed to providing prompt and efficient feedback.


We understand that respondents may get frustrated when they reply to survey invitation emails, as these emails are sent from an unattended mailbox. However, we have provided contact information on our website, including email addresses and phone numbers, that you can use to reach our team. We are not hiding from our respondents, and we are ready to address any genuine concerns quickly and effectively.

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