This is not a scam, Springvale Online has been in operation since 2005, we have since then been through over 125 000 respondents that have signed up with us.


Springvale Online CC is a registered market research business based in Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa.


We have all different kinds of people that join our panel. If we were a scam we would have never lasted this long.

If you google hard enough you will certainly find people that call us scammers, we tried our utmost to please all our panellists.  What respondents need to understand is like everything else you will certainly need to work to get paid; in this case you have to complete the entire survey to get paid.


We have respondents that complain about payments for projects that they never completed and expect to get paid. In most cases we pay respondents anyway even if the dispute is in our favour just keep a happy shop...


If you consider from the 125000 sign ups at least 40 000 people complete surveys for us. If we had to scam 40 000 people how long you think we would last in business. Imagine 40000 people been scammed, the internet will be flooded with complaints.

Panellist or people that complete surveys for us are the back bone of our company, our most valued asset. It is because we have a database of people that have agreed to complete surveys for money that companies come to us to get their surveys completed. Without people to complete our surveys we will certainly close down. If we were scammers we would not be in business for 10 years.

People on our panel get paid; if you complete surveys you get paid. If you have any complaints simply use the contact us form on the website to email us and you will certainly get feedback.


This is another reason why respondents get frustrated, they reply back to survey invitation emails which is sent from an unattended mailbox, its like replying to a news letter, nobody will see your email. To contact our team you will have to use the contact form. If you have any problems with surveys there and email addresses and numbers on this site that you can call. We are not hiding from our respondents. If you have a genuine we will attend to it quickly and efficiently.