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South Africans ready to participate in your survey

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Springvale Online for Reliable Insights


As a leading Internet survey solution provider since 2005, Springvale Online is committed to delivering top-notch results. Powered by the largest online consumer panel in South Africa, we have access to a diverse range of consumers – both easily accessible and hard to reach. Our panel consists of dedicated and motivated individuals who are eager to provide valuable feedback to our clients.


With a track record of satisfying clients in over 12 countries, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver reliable and insightful survey samples. Count on Springvale Online to provide you with the quality, speed, and affordability you need for your research projects.

Online Survey Respondents

With the largest and most demographically diverse panel in South Africa, we have the capability to connect you with a wide range of respondents. Our panel is composed of happier and more engaged individuals, ensuring higher quality and more valuable feedback for your research projects.

Focus Group Participants

Dedicated and motivated online focus groups / online community participants. Respondents are invited of the panel to participate. Each willing respondent completes a recruitment questionnaire. You define the selection criteria and only pay for active participants.

Programming & Hosting

We have extensive experience handling complex projects. Our dedicated programming and host teams provide 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring a fast and efficient turnaround. Surveys can be specifically for mobile devices.

Build Your Own Online Panel

Build your own online panel of consumers in South Africa. Our panel recruitment methods have been honed over ten years, benefit from our experience and lets us build your panel. Target specific demographics or build general consumer panels, we have a solution for you.

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How we Recruit


Panel Management

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For the past 20 years, we have been providing online survey respondents to both South African and international market research companies. Our online market research panel in South Africa is one of the largest and most diverse, consisting of thousands of motivated and dedicated respondents. It is known for its high responsiveness and quality.


Springvale Online is a pioneer in online research in South Africa and was one of the first panels of South African respondents. We have perfected the process of online sampling over time, resulting in a robust and demographically diverse panel of dedicated respondents.


If you are interested, we can provide access to our panel for your clients. As an online market research solution provider, we are committed to offering high-quality panel samples and services.

Our panel is continuously recruited to ensure its freshness and representation of the country's population. We use a combination of offline and online methods for recruitment, including mail banner advertisements, media, print, and advertising. These methods are designed to maximize the demographic diversity of the panel.


To ensure a high response rate and quality results, we employ active recruitment, a double opt-in registration process, screening of panel data, and periodic updates of panelists' profiles. This prevents self-selection and professional respondent problems.


We understand that delivering rapid and reliable results requires more than just email addresses and mass-mail solutions. Whether you host the online survey yourself or we handle that part of the project, we guarantee high-quality samples and results through our processes, quality standards, and flexibility in project management.


We take pride in our almost 100% completion rate on all projects we commit to. If you would like references, please feel free to contact us.

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