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Please find a list of counselling services, should you feel the need to reach out and speak to someone about your experiences.

List of Counselling Hotlines / Centres

National Hotline

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) 

SADAG is a mental health advocacy and support, non-profit organisation that runs a toll-free counselling line between 8h00 – 20h00 for people and families dealing with mental illnesses. SADAG manages 16-line counselling-and-referral call centres. 

·       Counselling hotline: 080 0567 567
·       SADAG Mental Health Line: 011 234 4837 / 080 020 5026
·       Website:

Comprehensive and informative website with multiple resources available 

Western Cape 

LifeLine Western Cape

LifeLine (WC) is a non-profit organisations that provides a counselling line that allows callers to discuss issues ranging from trauma and suicide to relationship issues for all ages. LifeLine WC offers confidential and anonymous counselling. LifeLine WC phone lines are open between 10h00 – 22h00 for 365 days of the year.

·           Counselling Line: 021 461 1111 (Western Cape)
·           WhatsApp Call: 063 709 2620
·           Website:

NB: services are free of charge; the cost of the call is the only charge. 

Hope House Counselling Centre 

Hope House is a Christian organisation, based in Cape Town that offers counselling services to individuals dealing with issues of trauma, mental illness, family problems, suicidal thoughts and relationship problems. Hope House offers one-on-one counselling in a confidential and respectful environment for people from all backgrounds, cultures and languages. Hope House is a non-profit organisation and asks for a donation in return for counselling sessions. You can visit one of their centres or call a centre near you to book a session: 

·       Bergvliet: 021 715 0424 / 071 328 3715
·       Kuils River: 021 903 0521 / 071 410 1091
·       Table View: 081 500 3054 
·       Khayelitsha: 066 470 3408
·       Website:


LifeLine Johannesburg 

LifeLine Johannesburg, similar to its Western Cape counterpart, is a non-profit organisation that offers free counselling, open 24 hours. LifeLine Johannesburg also assists in all issues an individuals may face for all ages. 
·       Counselling line: 011 728 1347/ 086 1322 322 (Johannesburg)
·       Website:
·       LifeLine centres can be found in Norwood, Soweto and Alexandra

Eastern Cape 

Revive Counselling Centre 

Revive is a non-profit organisation that is based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Revive offers free counselling sessions on issues surrounding depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences relationship difficulties, feelings of hopelessness and suicide. Please note, you are expected to book an appointment. 

·       Phone to book an appointment: 081 7107 141
·       Website:

Counsellor with specialised area in trauma and PTSD

Bianca de Vries 

Bianca de Vries is a registered counsellor with the HPCSA, who specialises in the area of trauma and PTSD. Bianca focuses on making counselling accessible through short-term therapy. Moreover, Bianca specifically takes into account the traumatic history of South Africa and how this trauma permeates throughout the broader populace.


Other counselling hotlines

LifeLine South Africa: 

In addition to telephone counselling provided by different LifeLine centres around the country, people can also call the national counselling line. Callers can discuss a range of challenges they are facing like trauma, stress or suicide. Open 24 hours for 7 days

·       Tel: 086 1322 322
·       List of LifeLine centres and phone numbers:

Adcock Ingram Depression and Anxiety Helpline: 

Offers emotional support to people who are in distress / at risk of suicide
·       Tel: 080 070 8090

Befrienders Bloemfontein: 

Offers 24-hour emotional support for those feeling distressed through their crisis line and through email. Face-to-face counselling is also available to those callers with access to Bloemfontein. 

·       Tel: 051 444 5000
·       More information:

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